Bought a ton of blue and purple yesterday. I really need to fish. I’m a junkie and I need my fix



5 thoughts on “You’re my boy, Blue!

  1. Dude that fly looks sweet. Send me 5 dozen in multiple colors. Kidding.
    Would suggest using a large hook maybe 5/0 or 6/0. Being a big fly guy, my only concern is that the fly will try to swim in circles and not keel well in teh water.

  2. I bought a vise and supplies last Friday and I’ve been tying dozens of flies. It’s a whole other facet of fly fishing I’m glad I got into, I like coming up with my own patterns as well as attempting to duplicate established designs.

    1. It is indeed. To me, tying a fly and then catching a fish on that fly is THE most gratifying experience in fly fishing. Make sure you do one thing; take pictures of your first flies. A year later you should compare them to what you’re tying then. Take pics of those and then a year after that compare. The personal growth is one of the most fun things to see. You’ll see where you got cleaner, more technical, and matured as a tyer.

      I dropped some stickers off at WCCO for you.

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