I’m addicted to warm water fishing. I’m addicted because it’s what I know. I’m also addicted because warm water fish aren’t snooty bastards who thumb their nose at my offerings. It’s not me, it’s you she said.

One pond I fish all summer long is full of bluegill. It’s also full of fat largemouth. Fat and stupid if you can add X to the equation. X being a watercraft sans engine that can get you away from the worm dunking shore zombies and their mewling spawn. I don’t hate children, I just don’t wanna hear them crying while I’m fishing. Does that make me a dick? Maybe, who cares. Back to the fly.

On this pond I’ve seen bait fish floundering on the surface get whacked hard by some of the biggest largemouth bass in the pond. Toilet flushing death is what that poor fish found by being stupid on the surface.

This is revision two of the fly. Revision one was a single zonker strip. In rev two, the zonker is doubled over.
The fly is tied on a Mustad O’Shaughnessy S71SZ 2XH/1XL hook. The body is peacock hurls, a lot of them. The underhead is elk hair (I grabbed the closest thing at hand). The head is Senyo Laser dub in sculpin and light olive. The eyes are Clear Cure Goo raptor eyes all finished with Clear Cure Goo Hydro. Hydro is seriously one of the best products on the market in fly tying. I’m addicted to it. I’ve used it to fix a trim piece on my tying desk. It’s just damned awesome stuff.

4 thoughts on “Working on new things for next summer

  1. Oooh, I like that backing of moose hair behind the laser yarn. Gives it some bulk and looks neat behind the eye there. Cool! I’d fish this.

    1. Thanks Ian. It should give me just what I’m looking for when fished on a long leader and floating line. Also thinking sink tip and short leader for some buoyant subsurface fun

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