Checked my phone last night and saw some likes on Instagram from a name I didn’t recognize. Wolfgang Man / Beast. Weird. Intrigued I start looking through their photos. Dogs. Fly fishing. Skateboarding. Sweet designs. Hell yes, I dig this. I dig this a lot.

I hit up their website. Scanning through I see Natas Kaupas with photos by Grant Britain. Legends. Straight up idols of mine.
The Skate86 collar and leash are badass. Reminds me of the glory days of skateboarding when a bonesless was a boneless and flip tricks on rails were for video games.

The Horween collar and leash? Yep, my 2 dogs are gonna look boss as hell. And the cool part is it’s from a tannery in Chicago. The oldest continuously running one in the United States.

I seriously think the chocolate lab puppy we’re adopting soon will be rocking this as well. The collar and leash are dope as hell.

Check em out:
Website –
Facebook –

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