Cause I can.

(why would you say the XV is better than a 22B? Why Subaru marketing, why?)

A lot of you know I love my Subaru. It’s more of a love hate. It’s not a truck when I need a truck. It rattles a lot. It gets shitty gas mileage. To be fair, it’s a turbo charged all wheel drive car that even stock is capable of carrying your groceries and making Mustang drivers rethink their purchase. I have an addiction to Subaru. The sound of that flat four boxer engine is probably one of my favorite sounds in the world. It’s music to me. It’s what makes the minute grievances worth it. Every car has their issues but not every car brand has such a loyal, almost cult like following. I drank the Subie koolaid and it was delicious. I wish they’d go back to producing rally inspired cars, but that’s just me and a million other enthusiasts who don’t like the Camry route Subaru seems to want to take. Different made you amazing Subaru, remember that.

Back to why this post is here.

Last night there was a caravan to Indianapolis for a Subaru meet up. About 130 cars showed up to brave the cold. If you’re a car person, this makes sense. If you’re not, well, I’m sorry. Tom Wood Subaru is a huge supporter of the local Subaru community and this year they put on their annual Dark Meat at their hangar at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport. Whoever thought to have this at a giant wide open parking lot was a genius. Amazingly there was no asshattery that can be prevalent with car meets. It was a few hours of awesome that makes me want to put even more money into my car.

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