Driving to the brewery last night the sky was pretty amazing. The beauty in a winter wasteland is a real gift from the molecules and particles who are busy scattering across the sky causing the hues we see here.
We might be small in number but we’re doing something few others do and it’s what keeps me wanting to do it. Not many people have the opportunity to tie in a brewery and for that I am incredibly thankful to People’s Brewing Company for letting us show up on Monday nights and have a few hours of fun.
Gary started tying the first of what I’m sure will be many musky flies last night.
Abel, who works at People’s and is one of the major reasons this event was able to start last winter, got a tying kit for Christmas this year. He’s got the wooly bugger down. Next week will be a Clouser minnow pattern.
Rex is a dubbing machine. He makes his own and is a mad scientist. Here he’s showing Abel how to apply dubbing to thread.

If you’re close to Lafayette, Indiana on a Monday night, stop in at People’s and see us. Tie a few flies with us or just hang out. Anything is better than sitting in front of a screen at home.

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