With spring trying to get sprung in the Midwest, I’m in full swing tying mode. I’m trying to fill boxes but what will most likely happen is I’ll wait until the night before a trip while I scramble to get stuff ready. That’s usually the norm around here. Lately I’ve been experimenting with streamers, just trying to see what I can come up with. It’s very very rare that I will use a pattern. I use patterns that I’ve learned that I know work. Patterns like the Krebs popper, the Hopper Juan, and the Morlock’s Carp Breakfast. I use patterns for trout, but last weekend was the first time I’ve fished for trout in a year. It’s Indiana, we just don’t fish trout. We fly fish with big flies that have big hooks that catch big fish. Don’t get me wrong, we fish panfish too, but we just don’t talk about it in mixed company.

Back to experimenting. I love it. It’s what I did as soon as I learned to tie a wooly bugger. I’m a natural tinkerer, hacker, breaker of things cause I can. It’s in my nature to question, to tear apart just so I can figure out how to rebuild, and to go against the grain whenever possible. I saw something shiny and now I forgot where I was going with this. Is there a reason not to break stuff to figure out how it works? If you look at the way the world and technology at large is going companies don’t want you tinkering with their stuff. They are too concerned with IP that they fail to see they are squashing future inventors with their overbearing practices. Take Apple for example. Steve Jobs was in the hospital dying but decided to take time off dying to have the screws changed in the Iphone so people couldn’t open it as easily. Want to jailbreak your phone so it doesn’t suck? Apple “genius” people won’t touch it, warranty voided. Everywhere you turn is a shiny silver sticker with “removal of this sticker will void warranty”. How are you supposed to figure out how it works if you don’t ignore that stupid little sticker? Fuck that, void warranties. Hack your phones, hack the firmware on your cameras, overclock your processors, and mod that Xbox. If you don’t, how are you going to learn what makes them tick?

In other news, my homie Tap surprised me today with something better than a stripper in a cake. He printed Pile Cast t-shirts! (look above) I don’t know when I’ll get them in, but I am super psyched.

Oh and I just found this awesome site, The Riparian Corridor. This post stuck out as something that you should read and then re-read. I fish with many people who carry. I carry. Will put it perfectly when he said, “I am neither anti- or pro-gun; I am simply pro-life preservation.” I love how succinct that is.

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