Tying flies with the Duneland Fly Fishers

Last week Gary Krebs, John Clanton, and I made the trip to Northwest Indiana to visit another Indiana fly fishing club, the Duneland Fly Fishers. I didn’t get much tying done, I never do at these things. I spent most of the time talking to my buddy Jordan who I had not seen since last summer before he left to go guide in Alaska. Jordan’s father Dean hosts the tying at their house. The garage the tying is held in is a dream of mine. An entire garage dedicated to the outdoors. A large chunk of it is dominated by the table with overhead lights ornamented with every type of fly and fishing lure you can imagine. A deer head hangs on one wall, a fridge with beer on the other. Random fly fishing posters and signs hang everywhere. Near the door there is a wood stove and a reading chair. Throw a cot by the stove and you could be happy for the rest of your life. One of the members of Duneland Fly Fishers named Grayson Davis makes beautiful bamboo rods. I only wish I’d have been able to get some better shots of them. It was a really fun night. I met some good people who are passionate about fly fishing and you just can’t beat that.