My buddy Andrew bought a fly that looked close to this and it did so well I had to copy it. I’ve added some changes to it, a little peacock hurl for a bit more flash and larger doll eyes glued to aluminum dumbbell eyes. I’ve fished it a lot this spring and it works. Cast it out, slow retrieve, let it sink a bit, and more than likely on that sink a fish will eat. The barbs get crushed because I’ve had a few fish inhale the fly and I’m not in the business of killing a fish. To quote the late great Mitch Hedberg, “You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don’t want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late”

Last week I slapped a photo of this fly on instagram and promised a dude named Jeff that I’d get him a pattern so he could tie some. Here you go Jeff.
Click on the images for the larger photo.

Here’s a quick shot of the materials for the fly. Any hook will work. I prefer one with a wider gap for bass.
1/0 hook (I change hook size up depending on fly size).
White 140 UTC thread.
Super glue gel control.
Loon Outdoors hard head clear.
Targus ColorMatch FoxxFurr.
20lb hard mono.
Peacock hurl.

Put a thread base down. Tie in a 1″ piece of 20lb hard mono on the rear of the hook. Then tie in the dumbbell eye but don’t crowd the eye. Give yourself a bit of space to work with near the eye.

Next, take your craft fur. Cut as close to the base as you can. You’ll need a pencil sized amount. Take your comb and comb out the bottom of the hair to get the junk strands out. Stroke the fur to remove any stragglers both top and bottom.

Next, tie in the fur in front of the eye.

Once you’ve done that, lift the fur, bring your thread underneath and secure the fur behind the eye.

Flip the fly over and tie in your peacock hurl. Then add your flashabou.

Cut another pencil sized clump of the charteuse fur.

Next, take the super glue gel and glue in your eyes on the dumbbells.

Next, take Loon hard head clear and give the head a coating. Rotary vises help here as you need to rotate it to ensure the cement coats evenly. Rotate it until it’s set up.

Let it dry and go fish.

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