2015 is here. Man that’s weird to say out loud. Twen-ty Fif-teeeeen. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s house watching television as the New Years Eve ball dropped and we rang in 1990. My first thought was, “well here comes the end of the world.” I was a weird kid and the shitty 80’s movies about commies and doomsday nuke scenarios didn’t help my constant thoughts that we were all gonna end up like the people in that tv movie The Day After. But it’s now 2015. The 2000 scare didn’t kill us. The preppers still might be hiding in their bunkers but this ball of dirt is still spinning around like a Dead Or Alive song. (If you’ve clicked on that link and are watching that song, I want you to remember how damned terrible the 1980s could truly be.)

So 2015 is here in all it’s frozen Midwest glory. Tying nights have started and the good beer is flowing from the taps at People’s. If you want to stop by to tie, to learn, or just to hang out we’re there every Monday night from 6pm until 8pm. It’s open tying so you can bring whatever you want to tie.

For directions to People’s Brewing Company click here

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