Last year when Abel and I started this little Monday night shindig there were no grand schemes of world domination. Hell we weren’t even sure people would show up to tie flies with us. Some nights it’s been just the two of us and some nights it’s been a crowd of like minded folks filling the back room. The first night we did this was February 10th, 2014 and I really have to thank People’s Brewing Company for letting us have this awesome opportunity to spend our Monday nights at their place tying up a few bugs. Seriously, thank you.

One of the coolest things to come out of the tying nights have been getting to meet new people who share your interests. In the end, that’s what it’s about, right? Finding out there’s way more fly fishermen and women in your area than you previously thought is pretty damned awesome. I hope it’s just as awesome for them as it is for me. People get new opportunities to fish with new people and more chances to get on the water. Slowly a community gets built up. To me, that’s winning the lottery in terms of fun.








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