When I’m not fishing or tying dumb flies that fish hate I tinker. I’m a natural ripper-apart-er-put-er-back-together-er-er and I get really anxious if I don’t have projects to keep me busy. I’d try music but I’ve got the rhythm of a drunk and I’d try modeling but I’m a card carrying member of Ugly and Proud. I like seeing how mechanical objects work and I like even more when they’re not what you’d expect which is why I’m pretty excited to get tearing into a motor from my 1973 Honda CB450. The coolest thing? It has torsion bars instead of valve springs. Gonna be interesting to break this thing apart.

The next step is making sure the frame is good, a powdercoating, parts sourcing, and then maybe in a year or so this thing will have a new life.

There’s always something fun happening when your friends have that tinkering bug too. My buddy had some engine problems in his Subaru WRX so it got pulled. Ringland failure on 2. Time for expensive fun.


And of course there’s The Derp being his usual self.

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