Brian from Misfit Fly Co. ties a fly just like this and sent me a few. I copied it (though not as pretty as his). Then I got to tweaking it to see what it’d look like with nothing but zonkers. I dig it. This thing is gonna smoke all summer long.

Last year the big smallies on Beaver Island in Michigan loved leech patterns.. I think this will do the trick. I need to crack the 5 pound mark this summer.

2 thoughts on “They multiply like rabbits

  1. Great flies. What do you throw them around with? Some of these look like they require an 8 wt just to fire them out there. Any special line or shooting heads?

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Billy, much appreciated. I’d toss this on a 7wgt. The heads are light plastic. They really only weigh what wet zonker would weigh. Because they have no weight, I’d fish this on intermediate or sink. I fish most of my flies on that type of line

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