Got to check out the new location for The Tattooed Heart in Lafayette, Indiana. It’s killer. It’s an old building full of character and hell there’s even an old bank vault in the basement for those whiny customers to spend some time out in. My buddy Dan was getting his first tattoo by Paul Meadows last night and being that I turn 36 on Sunday I figured I’d get two small new pieces to commemorate another year on this spinning ball of dirt that’s hurtling through space at 67,000 miles per hour.

Here’s a couple shots I randomly took during the night. Big congrats to the guys at The Tattooed Heart on their new shop! If you want to make an appointment click the link here, stop by the new shop, or give them a call.
The Tattooed Heart
125 N 4th st.
Lafayette, Indiana
(765) 449-4111






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