The lord loves a workin man; don’t trust whitey; see a doctor and get rid of it.


A week of vacation from IT and all it’s glory? Yes please. Fishing? Ha! No! You bought a house. A house? Yes, a house. A real house with doors, walls, windows, a roof, and tons of wallpaper and wood paneling..

We closed last Thursday. Friday I was ripping out wallpaper. Upstairs done Saturday. Move to the basement. What I thought was wallpaper over drywall with a bottom of beadboard was wood paneling. I guess I should have looked closer. I can’t abide with wood paneling. Away it goes. My homie Andrew hooked up the truck to pick up 20 sheets of mold and moisture resistant drywall. Damn you Subaru for being too small to carry a shit ton of drywall.

15 hour days, every day since Friday. It’s in the final stages of the race. I have until Saturday night to finish the paint. I just wanna go fishing.