The F3T. What can you say? It’s like the x-games of fly fishing minus the flat brim hats and fireworks. I’ve always wanted to go, but we don’t have one locally (we should and will). Any F3T is 3-4 hours away in all directions. I’ll guess 6 hours if you go south. Sometimes being in Indiana sucks and F3T season is one of those times.

Justin from Stream 2 Stream met me at Wildcat Creek Outfitters to make the 3 hour drive to Columbus. The day before, I’d sold my truck and bought a Subaru Forester. It’s not the gym teacher kind of Forester, it’s the 2.5 XT Sport. It’s tubro charged, on an Impreza frame, and does 0-60 in 6 seconds bone stock. I gotta say, I missed the shit out of my old Subaru WRX wagon, but I needed something that “could” tow something small, could lug my kayaks, still do as much dirt road driving as I do, and not break my bank. I got my bases covered here. I’m rambling, I digress. This was the new rides first road trip. Had to put it right to the test.

We got over to Columbus and met up with my homie Mike. Mike was tattooing all day so we kicked it at the shop he works at. I wasn’t able to get work done, but I did get to see my boy on his birthday. Happy birthday old man. My boy Dan met us at the tattoo shop and then we headed over to the theater for the festivities of the night.

Soon as I got setup the doors opened. Damned if I wasn’t impressed. The show was sold out and it got busy quick. So awesome to see so many coming out to the show. I got to talk to a ton of people and that’s always fun to meet new folks who are as passionate about fly fishing as you are. Got to meet Zeb from Snowman Custom Rod Works. Zeb is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the rod building world. I was so stoked on his blue fiberglass rod. That thing is gonna be sick. Zeb is super into what he’s doing and it shows.
Andrea Larko, an awesome artist and fly tyer was there with her paintings as well. I love art so I was instantly drawn to her table. She had some paintings that made me wish I was rich. I did get lucky and snagged up an original sketch she did. Andrea is definitely going to be someone to watch with outdoor art. No joke, expect to see her places. I’m happy to have just one piece, I’m sure I’ll be adding others to my collection at some point.
Ethan from Smith Fly was there. If you don’t know about Ethan’s work, you’ve been sleeping under a rock. He makes modular fly fishing gear. It’s sick stuff. The Digi-Pouch.. diggin that a lot. I could use a sweet waterproof bag for my camera and it’s on my short list of purchases before spring. Ethan is a super cool guy, so if you see him at a show, say whats up and check his products out.

Finally got to meet Mike D. from Red Spot Fly. I’ve been a huge fan of Mike’s fly tying for awhile now and it was great to finally meet him. Mike ties flies that make me sit and stare in awe. Mike makes incredible tying look easy. He had the unenviable task of setting up the Columbus F3T so much respect to him for pulling off such a crazy event.

Mike of Anglers Choice Flies and his wife were next to me and any time with the Thor of Fly Fishing is going to be awesome. Hopefully things fall into place and we’re able to fish this summer. Cameron from the world famous Fiberglass Manifesto made the long haul up from South Carolina so I got to see him for the second time in two weeks. He’ll be up at the Detroit show, you should stop by and say hi to him and buy a shirt or three. Patrick and Ben from Steelhead Alley Outfitters were also there. I heard some crazy fish stories and I’m itching to get on some Ohio steelhead water now. If my damned loan hadn’t have gotten jacked up on the new Subie, I would have been on some today. That’s life..

I should also say that the movies are excellent. I loved hearing people’s thoughts on them as I listened to them coming out of the theater. If you get a chance, get your ass to an F3T this year. You will not be disappointed.

There was one shitty part of the night. We went to an Irish pub right next to the theater afterwards for food and beers. We got inside and the speakers were playing shitty dance club music at volumes I wouldn’t have considered acceptable in my teenage years. Dance club music has always sucked. When played at earth shaking decibels, it’s even worse. We bailed on that spot with the quickness. I’ve never been to an “Irish” pub that pulled that kind of bullshit off. I’ll pass. The Mexican joint next door wasn’t as bad. We could at least hear ourselves think without our lungs being shattered. I’m realizing I’m getting old. I wanted quiet so I could talk and hold a conversation. You can’t seem to buy that in a college town. Fuck I’m an old man and I’m barely into my thirties. I can’t wait to have a lawn to bitch at people.

Can’t wait for next year, but I’m hoping Indiana is able to come through. Come on Indiana. Thanks to Chad at Wildcat Creek Outfitters for letting us leave Justin’s truck in the lot overnight.
After all that, if you’re still reading, here are some pictures from that night.

Here’s the links that were in the above text. Make sure you check them all out and bookmark them.

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