I was late to the bandwagon. I was stupid. I know this now. I’m a convert to the Cult of Goo. For too long I used epoxies and glues. I’d have to slow down, wait for it to dry, and then finish the fly. My fingers would be coated in the excess, sometimes wrecking a nice fly if I grabbed the hackle or hair. I didn’t have the control I was looking for. I like control. I’m addicted to the brushable goo. I don’t ride roller coasters because I can’t control the speed. There’s a pattern here.

Here are some recent flies with Clear Cure Eyes. I’ve taken to finishing my Krebs poppers with the eyes and also using Hydro on the body. I’m loving it. Much faster than super glue and I don’t worry about the eyes popping off now. I used to use crappy doll eyes because I’d lose so many. It’s not that the fish care about the eyes on the top of a popper, but I do. I like seeing them there. It’s a comfort thing. Like hot cocoa, whiskey, and bacon baked in an oven until it’s golden brown and perfect for a bacon coma. But I digress. I love these damn eyes.

2 thoughts on “The eyes have it – Clear Cure Goo and Clear Cure Eyes make life better

  1. i have yet to get it, i am new to the whole tying game, but you can be GD sure i am going to be getting some soon!

    Cheers! keep the good a commin!

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