The Countdown Begins

11 days til I’m on Beaver Island. The site’s been slow, I know. I haven’t been. Because of my instagram addiction, here’s some shots of what I’ve been up to. Same shots that are to the left.

I’ve been fishing. I’ve been playing with an Imago Fly Fishing 5wgt IPT rod. I’ve been fishing near cows. I took Jeremy fly fishing for his first time. He is a natural. Ian from Warmwater Chronicles gave me some flies. I am building a rig for the GoPro out of pvc. My wife bought nerf guns and we’ve been at war. And because I’m 11 days from an epic carp fishing trip, I’m in tying mode. I’ve got 1 dozen hooks ready to go with dumbbell eyes and lead wrap all glued and ready for tomorrow when I tie them into Morlock’s Tailer Teasers.