Back and relaxed after an awesome weekend in North Carolina with the dudes from Southern Culture on the Fly and the other miscreants that make up that awesome group of people in the south. Not sure on the final tally, but I’m guessing a lot of money was raised for Project Healing Waters

The 3rd Annual Tie One On A Thon will benefit the Western North Carolina Chapter of Project Healing Waters. This event has quickly become everyone’s favorite winter tying session providing a casual venue to hang out with some of the South’s best tiers. As always this year’s event is open to the public and will feature gear raffles, quick clinics, food, beer, and enough feather and fur to make you think the circus train exploded. Please join us on Sunday February 24th to raise some money for our wounded veterans.

I finally got to meet some people I’ve wanted to meet in person for a long time. They made this Yankee feel right at home.

Got into town Friday night and met up with Dave and Steve from SCoF for a beer and food. Then it was off to SCoF headquarters to see where the magic happens. I gotta say, they are doing it right. Folks should take note, SCoF is the real deal.

On Saturday morning I got to fish with Kyle and Keith on the South Holston River in Tennessee. Kyle and I wanted to fish smallmouth, that’s our thing. Turns out it’s winter, also turns out his local spots are blown out bad. The South Holston was moving. Quick. Damn near 3000. We moved a few fish and probably would have been on fish if we nymphed like girls, but we’re men and we strip streamers. (no offense to you folks who nymph, it’s just as boring as watching paint dry)

Kyle landed one fish. Mine came at the takeout. On a hook that was bent wide open. I have no clue how it stayed on. But it was a trout on a streamer and that was ok by me. I did what I set out to do and I didn’t get skunked. Kyle and Keith were so awesome to fish with. Kyle makes a bad ass sammich on the the water. He’s got some fancy mayo that we can’t get up north. I was stupid and forgot to stop and get some before I drove the 8 hours home. Thanks again guys for making it an awesome day on the water. Keith, I hope your ankle heals up soon.

Saturday night I met up with some of the SCoF crew on top of Grossman Mountain. Now, I’m a flatlander. I get nervous on hills. Dave lives on a big ass hill. The driveway starts out paved and then becomes dirt. 4×4 low is required to get up the mountain. No joke. I was in 4×4 high and was spinning tires. When my truck isn’t flat, it’s a weird feeling to get used to. I think I could get used to it though. It’s damned pretty up there. I also didn’t roll down the hill so that was a plus.

Sunday morning came quick and I hate to say it, the entire day went by way too quick. It’s kinda like that when you’re really having a good time. Tons of people showed up for this event and a lot of flies got tied.

I can’t wait to get back and do it again next year!

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For more info on Project Healing Waters and also to see more posts / photos of the event click the links below

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