Some random photos from this summer. It’s been a good one so far. Not as fishy as summers past, but there’s a puppy who needs attention and that takes up a lot of that free time. My respect for actual parents has gone up a few notches. Already planning fall musky trips. That’s plural. I need more toothy critter in my life. One without fur, that is.

My wife took the Finn overboard photo. What he lacks in grace he makes up for in drive.







P.S. – Drum rule.

4 thoughts on “Summer, so far.

  1. How does you lab get back in the Towee? I’m about to face that problem with a new Towee in two weeks, and an 8 month old black lab.

    1. He can climb in with my help lifting him. It’s not pretty but I think he’ll get better at it once he grows into his legs.

  2. Good drum! I’ve hooked into a few while bass fishing with gear on the Ohio River. I use to think all fish I hooked that weren’t bass were trash fish. Now, I appreciate any fish that would come to a fly. Of course, while stuck in the cube right now, all fish make my heart pound.

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