Been down all week with a wicked sinus infection. Luckily they gave me some awesome horse sized pills and steroids. I don’t feel stronger, that’s for sure. In my stir crazy cabin fever I need to get out of this place cause even going to work is sounding good thoughts I’ve had just enough energy to start pulling parts off the WRX to figure out where I’m losing oil from. The hot side of the turbo is soaking in penetrating oil to get the downpipe off so I can check for oil in there. I have a clutch to install and so the engine is getting pulled soon. In the interim, I took off the TMIC and found the PCV needs replacing. I’ll be installing an IAG Performance Competition Series Air / Oil Separator after I save up some cash so that’ll be nice to have. I wanted one for the Forester and never popped on it. It’s high on the list of wants for this build. I’ve got some electrical gremlins to chase down and a new light bar to fab and mount. I want to wire the Hellas into the highbeams with a manual cutover to control separately if I want. I figure with winter coming it’s the perfect time to start wrenching since the smallmouth are heading to their wintering holes and I don’t want to bother a fish that’s just trying to make it through another few months of cold. I’ll poke a hole in their lip come spring. Til then, it’s a truce.








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