My favorite spot was back within it’s banks on Saturday night. A few hours later rain started. It rained on and off on Sunday. What’s a brother to do but tie more flies and complain to his cat about the unfairness of it all. Then I realized I’m warm, dry, and not starving. I got it pretty damned good. Not saying I didn’t keep bitching, but it was a bit more restrained.

I did manage to knock out some flies today and now it’s time to play a waiting game on flooded creeks. I’m hedging my bets at two weeks. A few warm days this week and the kayak is coming out to stalk bass on some local ponds.

Ice - T knows Colors

At this point, I’d even consider tenkara fishing.

2 thoughts on “Still filling boxes for the smallmouth I can’t catch in rivers I can’t wade

  1. hush your mouth.
    “At this point, I’d even consider tenkara fishing.” said no one ever…UNTIL YOU DID.

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