FINALLY. It’s been a long winter. Longer than what should be allowed in any fishing person’s life. I’ve patiently (ha!) sat and tied flies to fill boxes. I’ve given a lot away and my boxes look empty to my eye. It’s a vicious circle. My buddy Don sent me a text yesterday. Let’s fish. Wes sent me a message. Let’s fish. It seemed people wanted to fish and when I stepped outside into 70 degree weather I could see why. Got to the river, geared up, and I wanted to sprint to the water. The water looked awesome. Clear, good levels, and no people standing in it. One of the best thing about Indiana fishing is the huge amounts of water and the lack of people fishing it. The fools can go to combat waters and fight tooth and nail for a spot to slang flies at stressed fish. Give me empty waters with fat fish any day all day. I grabbed a few flies and stuck them in my hat for safe keeping. My Fishpond bag broke last season. Zippers. I have bad luck with them. I took a few patterns to test and lost two right away to smallies. Bad tippet? Bad knot? I’m blaming the knot for one. That sucked. I hate losing flies I’m testing but I love knowing they work.

Losing the white and chartreuse flies these smallmouth love was a kick in the head. Time to crank some out and make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I tried other colors but no reactions. Finally tied on an olive articulated fly I use for browns and stuck a nice fish. Don and I landed a few fish during the few hours on the water. Having bass thumb feels damned good. Really good.

I do have a few things I need to pick up for this season. Switch rod. I’m gonna do it. I need a sling pack too. I want something waterproof that I can toss a camera in and two of the foam inserts for flies. A little room for two or three tippet spools, nippers, and pliers would be nice. I just gotta find that kind of pack. It’s gotta be out there. There are so many talented people making amazing gear so the search begins.







4 thoughts on “Spring! Smallies!

  1. Nice write up! I’ve been looking for a good waterproof sling, also. Seems the only one out there is the Simms….

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