Yesterday we went to a really cool property in the middle of nowhere. We were lucky enough to be able to bring the dogs along to play on the acreage and in the pond. The fish were sleeping so I took a bunch of photos of the beasts doing their thing. It was a pretty proud moment yesterday when Fritz swam. I was told he wasn’t much of a water dog and that’s pretty much been the case over the past two years. He’d stand in water in lakes and creeks but never swim and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even like standing there getting his feet wet. Yesterday he threw all caution to the wind and dove right in. Andrew and I were in a jon boat fishing for largemouth and Fritz decided to come swim to the boat. Pretty damned impressed.

In my world a happy dog is a tired dog and these dogs were dog tired by the end of the day. The second they loaded into the truck there were down and out. They ate their dinner and then slept right through the night. I could use more of that in my life.

















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