This past Saturday I got to take some pictures of a class Steve Martinez from Indigo Guide Service was teaching. The class was put on by FlyMasters of Indianapolis and there was a really good turnout. Two handed casting is growing in popularity in the Midwest. With a two handed rod comes the ability to shoot 80′ of line consistently without a sore shoulder at the end of the day. For someone like me with a busticated casting shoulder, that is a hell of a perk. I’m a novice at the spey and I really need to spend more time with my spey rod. It’s an addictive type of casting, that’s for sure.

It was overcast with the sun popping out every half hour or so and the White River was completely blown out when we rolled up. It looked like pea soup. I was just glad we weren’t actually fishing. The rods were strung up and the Hardy rep pulled out some nice equipment for the guys in the class to use. Maneuvering into a better position for a shot, I went too deep and dunked my Droid that was in the front of my waders. I got really lucky and the old rice trick worked it’s magic so my phone is fine and my instagram addiction continues. I got smacked in the face twice with a fast moving spey line while trying to get shots off. I should keep my face out of the way of fast moving objects. Darwin was laughing at me.

Steve is a great teacher and everyone was casting pretty well by the end of the day. Here’s some shots from the day. Oh, and if you’re ever in Michigan and looking for a great guide, don’t hesitate to look Steve up at

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