Awhile ago Ethan from SmithFly and I were talking about some of his products that I was very interested in. Not long after he asks me to join the illustrious Stream Team he’s put together. I’m not worthy, but I’ll give it my best shot. Some of the gear I’ve wanted for the past year or so arrived today. Stoked is not the word for it. Christmas morning giddy is kinda more like it.

I cannot wait to get on the water this weekend and finally be able to carry my dslr safely with the Digi-Pouch. (I’m sure my insurance agent thanks you Ethan)
I now have room for the gear I carry on full day wading trips with the Switch Bag and when I wanna go lighter, I have options to go super light with just one pouch or strap the Switch Belt on and carry what I need without carrying it all.





I took some pictures because by tomorrow night, it’ll never look that clean again. The good thing is, it’ll take the abuse I’m gonna give it, and ask for more.

8 thoughts on “SmithFly Stream Team? Yes sir!

        1. 1992 was incredible! Been to a couple since and nothing’s compared. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, the Peppers, with STP and Rage Against the Machine on side stages, to name a very few. The highlight? It was freakin’ hot and water had been distributed around the grounds in small white paper cups all day. Ministry came on and started pounding and suddenly the air was filled with flying dixies, like a blizzard in July. It went on for fifteen minutes. A magic festival moment.

          Thanks for the memory.

  1. Weird…looks exactly like the military bags I use to play airsoft and paintball with. Would have never thought of it for fishing. Interesting. One option is an h-harness instead of shoulder bag strap. Also…I assume the bags attachments are pretty universal. You can get a huge assortment of different types and sized bags at your local army surplus. Everything from hard plastic water proof to soft and camera bags as well. Wow the possibilities could be endless.

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