In June the Wabash was out of it’s banks in places. In September we’re wiggling the boat through channels we usually float through in search of big gar. That boat can get through some small water but this adventure tested it. The silt at our feet was three feet deep and it would suck you down and hold you in place. Not a fun feeling when you’re pulling a boat loaded with gear and a kid who is wearing his Jordans and talking smack to you as you wrench a boat that’s suction cupping to mud through a channel it doesn’t want to go through. The Towee impressed us because I can’t think of another boat that we could have snaked through that channel as easily. A wider boat would have never made it and a heavier boat would have had to have stayed on the main river. It’s nice to still be impressed by a boat after two years of ownership.

We could see a whole slew of gar busting surface in the little lake off the channel. Breathing air using their swim bladder as a lung. Gotta love a dinosaur. The gar didn’t want to play ball but we kept at it. Saw some really good sized ones but the cold front and storms seems to have put the bite off. The kid decided he wanted to learn to row the boat. I could get used to that. All he’s gotta learn is how to avoid rocks and we’ll have a rowing slave. That’s like winning the lotto.

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