Over on instagram, PXATIM asked me for a step by step of this easy baitfish pattern. There’s not much to it, and it’s nothing new. So here goes.

C47SD 2/0 hook
Thread of choice
White maribou
Yellow maribou
Green olive maribou
June bug Flashabou
Peacock herl
Ice dub UV tan
Ice dub UV white
Clear Cure Eyes 6mm

That’s it. I missed the green maribou step. It’s the same as the first two. Just a bit shortened up. Straighten the dub in your hands, get rid of the shortest parts. Tie in the UV dub like in the middle of your dub and work it around the shank, wrap to secure, then stroke back to get the hollow style. Tie up to it, rinse and repeat for the tan. Use whatever colors you like and repeat the dub to make the thinner baitfish into a fatter profile. Add the eyes and let the Clear Cure do it’s magic.

4 thoughts on “Simple baitfish pattern

  1. Hi!
    These are some realy awesome baitfish patterns you tie. I have seen you often glue the CCG eyes straight onto the material on the head. I have also been doing this, only using superglue. The eyes seem to fall off rather quickly however, they stick pretty well but something happens when the fly gets wet. Any tips on how to make them sit better? Is it something about the CCG or what?


    1. Eirik, thanks dude. As for the eyes falling off with just super glue, that’s normal. Super glue just doesn’t hold once it’s wet or after a hard strike. I’ve started putting a tiny drop of super glue on the eye, getting it in place, and then coating the eye and a bit of the surrounding hair or fibers with CCG as well. Hydro works great. If you want more movement instead of hardness, CCG flex works awesome. If you can, pick some up. It’s great stuff.

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