My friend Ashley decided she wanted to learn to fly fish a few months ago. She started off like we all do, beating the water to a frothy mix and not catching fish. Fast forward to now. She’s casting really really well, she’s learning to feel the rod, how to shoot line, and how to read water. It’s been fun watching and helping her learn. She’s competitive. I’m not.

Her: “How many fish have you caught?”
Me: “I don’t count fish.”
Her: “That’s because I’ve caught more than you, you don’t want to be embarrassed.”
Me: “I’ve risen above lowly fish counting, I have no need for that.” (Channeling my best John Gierach here)
Her: “Oh look another fish!”
Me: “…”

It’s been hot here, water is low, and the fish are in a funk. She’s soldiered through some nasty days on the water, which impresses me. So, the next time a friend asks you to take them fishing, do it. Pass that knowledge along.

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