Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 2
Thread: UTC 210 black
Rabbit zonker natural brown
Flashbou – June Bug
8 strands of peacock herl
Senyo laser dub – sculpin olive
Clear Cure Eyes – 6mm Lava

Step 1)
Crush barb. Tie in rabbit at the hook point.

Step 2)
Tie in 4 pieces of peacock herl on each side of the hook

Step 3)
Make a few wraps with the peacock herl

Step 4)
Cut a few strands of flashabou. Fold in half and cut. Tie in flashabou in the middle. Do this twice for more flash

Step 5)
Tie in Clear Cure dumbbell eyes before the eye of the hook – leave enough space for the dubbing.

Step 6)
Brush in some Clear Cure Hydro on the eyes

Step 7)
Take the Senyo laser dub and tease it until you have the fibers equal. Do this 5 times for the next few steps. Tie in the center of the dub on top and bottom of the hook.

Step 8)
Pull thread towards you and then pull the dub back. Wrap in front to secure the dub.

Step 9)
Take third piece of dubbing. With the thread hanging, put the dub against the thread. Slide up and over, letting the thread maintain tension on the dub, and rest the dub centered on top of the hook. Wrap three times to secure the middle. Fold the dub back and wrap a few times.

Step 10)
Tie in the last two pieces of Senyo dub in front of the dumbbell eyes. Fold back and tie in front. Whip finish. Take a tooth brush and brush the dubbing to remove any excess.

Step 11)
Enjoy some hot cocoa

This fly compresses quite a bit underwater and should be fished on a sink tip.

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