Friday, May 12th, news broke that the Trump administration paved the way for the Pebble Limited Partnership to restart its quest to dig North America’s largest open pit copper mine – directly in the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s vast wild salmon runs.

The EPA and Pebble’s settlement agreement was a backroom deal brokered between
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Pebble. The EPA’s own peer-reviewed science
was not taken into consideration, nor the requests from Bristol Bay’s
Native Communities, fishermen, and hunters and anglers to uphold the EPA’s
Proposed Determination.

Bristol Bay provides 14,000 American jobs and 1.5 billion dollars to the American economy with the 30 – 60 million wild sockeye salmon that return there each summer.

Please take action and call EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt to tell him compromising an irreplaceable ecosystem, a fully sustainable food supply and some of the greatest sport fishing on earth is unacceptable.

The Office of EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt: 202.564.4700

For a dive into what’s at stake in Bristol Bay, watch the award winning documentary The Breach for the next five days for free through this link here: THE BREACH

To take further action and to stay informed visit: SAVE BRISTOL BAY

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