I recently discovered that Santa Cruz Skateboards did a small line of fishing themed decks called “Gone Fishin’. Awesome full graphics like like one would expect from Santa Cruz, all in modern sizes. Roughly 31.9 x 8.20. I was stoked when I saw them as a deck collector. I have spent some time doing some research on this set with little to no results other than the skaters names and they were produced in 2011. I thought it would be rad to share with the Pile Cast blog community. Given the punk rock roots of some readers, we know that skateboarding and punk have gone hand in hand for a long time, and the more I peek my curious eyes in the the fly fishing world the more I see how linked punk and fly fishing is.

These decks can be found with a simple online search with 3 of the 4 being available on Amazon.com currently or I’ve been able to find some listed on skateboard sites around the interweb. The Melvin “Catfish” deck seems to be the hardest to find but you can always try your hand on Ebay. These would make for dope looking wall hangers or if you want to mount trucks and wheels to the deck and have fun I’m sure it would serve that purpose just as well.

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4 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Gone Fishin’ decks – guest post from Jeremy

  1. dig it. thx. i remember seeing the guzman deck somewhere… i think in a tv show following some rippahs. i thought, “hey, fish.” then i flipped to a fishing show. the fishing show didn’t show skating, so i remained.

  2. Do you have the Guzman or Strubing decks from this series? I’ve contacted everyone and no one can help me. Thanks much either way for your time,


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