This could be awesome. I really wanna try this line on some of my bigger musky flies. The floating line and HUGE poppers. That intermediate sounds sexy as hell too. Mmmmm musky.. I can smell the slime already.

Check it out

The new Pike/Musky series incorporates two different line density options; a full floating line, and a line with floating running line and a 28-foot stealthy, clear-camo intermediate head (with a sink rate of 1.5-2 inches per second). The short, ultra-powerful head easily turns over the typical large flies and streamers used to target these fish, while the braided core ensures memory-free performance in cold-water conditions. The new lines are available in WF8 to WF11 s, and with a MSRP of $79.95.

To complement the new lines, RIO is also introducing a selection of Pike/Musky leaders with two different wire options. The leader features a 6.5-foot tapered, nylon leader that tapers down to 16 pounds, attached to a 1-foot section of wire, for a total of 7.5 feet. The wire options (from 15lbs to 45lbs) are either a tough, silver wire with a quick-change snap link or a flexible, easy-to-knot braided bronze wire. The Pike/Musky leaders retail for $7.95 each.



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