When I was in Georgia I finally got to try my new WF 7wgt RIO Grand line. I dig it. A lot. The RIO Grand line is one full line size heavier than the norm. This works great for loading fast rods that are so popular these days. My 7wgt rod loved that line and let me bomb casts with ease. I’m guessing it was the slickness of the line coupled with the front loaded short head. For real, that line was a rocket.

One of these best things I like about the line is how high it floats. It’s got a new technology called MaxFloat and I’m going to keep fishing this line pretty hard to see how well it works. I’ve had certain fly lines go from full float to intermediates in a few days of use. If RIO has solved this problem, then I do believe they will have won the game.

Cool fact of the day: This line comes in pale green/light yellow, but it also comes in camo/tan. Camo. You want to be the Rambo of the carp water and do some belly crawls to super spooky carp? Buy the camo line and your chances at carp stalking might go up.

RIO Grand

2 thoughts on “RIO Grand is grand

  1. Dave, you’ve got my attention on this line. The 6wt WF line that came with my Clearwater setup purchased in September of this year is already starting to sink at the tip, and I was debating what I should replace it with. I’m already planning on heading over to Wildcat Creek Outfitters in Zionsville to pick up some tying materials after work, I know they carry Rio products also. Great review.

    1. They do indeed. They’ll do you right. As for the sinking tip on floating lines, I’ve tried everything I can from super gluing my connection knots on lines that don’t have a welded loop, hoping that will keep the cut line from soaking water up. It’s as if some lines just sponge up water in the head and that’s not cool when you’re spending $70-90 on a single line. You should cast a few different lines and see how you like them. RIO has a bunch of other lines you might like more than the Grand.

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