I’ve had this picture on the wall in my office for years. Ten years to be exact. It was taken in June of ’02. Those days I was living above a skate shop and working in the shop by day. Seems like a lifetime ago and to be honest it was. I look at this picture and I don’t know that kid. I remember him, but hell, I’d probably not like him very much. He’d probably run off at the mouth just because it’d seem fun. He’d sabotage relationships just to avoid being tied down. He lived to skate. Anything else was superfluous. Thinking long term was overrated as it gets. Dammit I do miss him sometimes. I guess I’m still that guy but with a bit more grounding. I still shrug it all off, but now I go fishing. Sometimes you need to say fuck it, I’m done. I need a break. I need to recharge. Not in some whiny bitchy my life is tough way, but you know when it’s time to roll out and ignore the cell phones, the facebooks, the twitters, and just go. I know I’m guilty of pulling out the cell and snapping photos to text to people while fishing. I’m addicted to technology. I’m a frigging IT guy. It comes with the territory. Pretty much a love hate thing that I’ll never escape. Right now I need to go clean up some cables, swap out some new licenses, and rack a new server. I’m trying to think long term. But I still don’t have a 401k. Maybe one of these days I’ll go skate again.

2 thoughts on “reminiscing

  1. I guess that’s what we do, we grow up but we don’t sell out. All tatted up and if the boss doesn’t like it, I don’t want to work there. I once met myself at 15. It sucked. He was a douche. I like myself better now.

    1. truth. i’m pretty sure i’d pop 15 year old me in the mouth, then high five him, and be like you’re gonna have an awesome life don’t fuck up.

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