The latest post from False Casts and Flat Tires is dope. Makes me itch for some fishing in a bad way. Seeing another Go Pro makes me even happier. Mine is getting another work out on Sunday if the stars align and Scotty isn’t dying of SARS or typhoid or whatever he’s got.

Go get some free music from Hoots & Hellmouth over on Reel Grease Ain’t nothing better than some free music.

I got home from work and heated up some leftover chinese food, then ate some cotton candy Coldstone ice cream, now I’m eating some gumbo soup. Some day this will catch up with me and I’ll be 900lbs of awesome.

In about two months my Subaru will be gone. I’ll miss my little wagon on steroids. I’ll miss the Subaru community. It’s one of the tightest groups of car enthusiasts I’ve ever seen. I’ve met some good people just by owning a WRX. I’ll miss having a 4 cylinder engine that will eat V8s. I won’t miss the Honda kids that want to race me as I’m driving to work, the middle aged dads in mini vans who think their Windstar is a hot rod trying to race me on the way home, and I won’t miss the loud ass droning exhaust. A 3″ turbo back exhaust is cool in town when you want to hear that sexy growl of a boxer engine, but gotdamn it will make you crazy on a long road trip. I’ll miss the looks you get having a wagon with a giant hood scoop above the intercooler. I’ll miss that sexy AWD. I’ll miss the nod and wave when another Subie owner goes by. Damn, the more I say I miss, I should just keep this damned thing..

In case you were wondering, here’s the mods:
Vishnu stage 1 (up-pipe, turbo-back, under drive pulley, reflash ecu, 16 psi)
STI/SPT coilovers
STI/SPT rear links
Rear sway bar
STI grill and hood scoop
Greedy boost controller, turbo timer
Front end links
STI pitch-stop mount, transmission mount, engine mounts
Short throw shifter


The kayak is an Ocean Trident Angler. It’s one of my favorite things to fish out of. Stable, fairly quick, and silent. I love sliding in over fish and them ignoring me. I put many miles on that thing last summer. It’s taken me down every local river and creek I can float and some creeks that I had to drag it or carry it across more dry than wet to find the fishy spots.

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