If you’re tired of freezing on the water (I am) you should check out the Redington SubZero Wader

They have a hybrid technology that melds 3mm neoprene on the lower half of the wader, from your backside to your feet and a 4 layer waterproof / breathable upper. The have 5mm thick booties for extra warmth and less bulk. I dig that. I hate frozen toes. The neoprene has a heavy duty face to make them more durable while the side seams and knees are reinforced. The tool pocket is pretty cool with a retractor area and a forecep area. What I really like is the fleece lined insulated hand warmer pocket. All waders should come with this. Cold hands means less fun fishing. They retail around $300 which is not bad if you’re looking for a nice hybrid wader. If you spend a lot of time on the water in cold weather, this might be the wader for you. Check them out at your local fly shop or here at http://www.redington.com/fly-fishing-waders/waders/mens/subzero-wader/

I know they’re on my wish list for sure.

Redington SubZero wader

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