Out of step

[youtube http://youtu.be/pAEzAjFZPys]

Lack of posting? Check
Lack of fishing? Double Check
Lack of sleep? Check
Stressed to high hell? Check fucking mate.

It’s high summer in the IND. I just walked out for lunch and it’s 90 degrees with 235% humidity. Lots of plans got flipped this summer. I bought a house. We close this week. My week long fishing dreams will soon be spent ripping out wallpaper and painting. The good thing is the house is 40 years old but it was meticulously maintained. I don’t have a lot to do after painting. Besides normal maintenance and yard work, I’ll be back to the water. Speaking of water, my new house is less than 2 miles from a great canoe/kayak launch on my favorite creek…

I never thought I’d be in the ranks of homeowners leashed to a mortgage. I fought against it for so long but paying rent for something that will never be yours is not fun.

Storage for fishing gear? Check
Storage for boat(s)? Check
My own dedicated fly tying room? Check
Fireplace? Check
Fire pit outside with tall trees all around? Check

I’m digging the fire pit out after I finish painting. Lining it with fire brick, building the wall, and making it my spot to sit with whiskey on a Friday night..