A week ago my step dad fell off his roof while cleaning leaves. My younger brother tried to break his fall. After seeing where the fall happened, I’m convinced he saved my step dad’s life. My brother is a former Marine and one hell of a tough dude. My brother’s back was broken in the accident. My step dad is busted up but thankfully nothing was broken. My brother had surgery and will have a gnarly scar but he’s walking and that’s all that matters. My wife and I had planned on being there at the time we were for an early Christmas with that side of the family so of course I had a trip lined up with some of my Southern homies. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fish but it all worked out and damned it was needed. The fish had lockjaw when it came to meat but we laughed our asses off from sunup til sundown and that is the best kind of therapy a person can get.













5 thoughts on “On the road to recovery

  1. Some call it fishing, for most we call it logging….. (“We don’t have logs like this in the North?”) With this dysfunctional group of half wits, all you can do is laugh. It was great to get on the water with you again. Until next time.

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