I got to play with an old Nikon micro lens my buddy Jeremy brought over last night. Took some getting used to, but for an old lens it turned out some good stuff.

I know squat about fiberglass fly rods, that’s the realm of The Fiberglass Manifesto, but what I’ve found is this rod was made in Detroit sometime in the 50’s by a company called Orchard Industries. It’s not fishable, most of the guides are rusted up pretty bad. I think one or two of them are rusted through. I wish it was because I’d love to see what this rod feels like. I need to pick up a fiberglass rod someday. I really like the classic look to them. This Actionglas is painted to look like bamboo. In the 60 years since that paint was applied some has chipped off. Then again, if I was a 60 year old fly rod, I’d hope I was showing a lot of wear and tear. Wall hangers look cool, but in the end, what’s the point?

2 thoughts on “Old fiberglass and old flies

  1. You can always rebuild/ refinish it! I’ve got an old Conolon 5wt I’m hoping to finish up this winter. Fiberglass is definitely different, but kinda sweet in the right situation…

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