Sometimes you need to get away from life. Work, bills, kids, dogs, cats, and mother in laws. This weekend my wife and I did just that. We rented a cabin in the Brown County hills that had three ponds on the property. When we pulled up to the cabin, it was almost dark; the woods making it seem closer to night than it really was. The crickets and night birds were beginning their chorus, the cabin looked a bit run down at first glance. My first thought was I paid a lot for this and this is what I’m getting? I’m glad looks are almost always deceiving because what looked shady at night turned out to be as charming as me in the daylight. I’m pretty damned charming when I need to be. Just ask my wife. She won’t lie, I swear.

PS, I love my mother in law and don’t have a kid or a dog. But I want a dog.

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