Last week I received a package full of awesome from Dave over at Strip’n Flywear. I’ve been a huge fan of what Dave’s been doing since first seeing his old skateboard inspired designs. Seriously, that’s a winning combo; skateboarding and fly fishing. Fuck yes.

This year, Strip’n Flywear changed their shirts to a 60/40 blend and it’s nice. Really nice. So nice my wife has already stolen some of the new shirts and made them hers. She’s got good taste. I dig shirts that breathe when it gets sticky in the humid Midwest summers.

Speaking of skateboarding and fishing… check this bad boy out. Kinda makes you wanna go on a search for Animal Chin, don’t it?

Strip’n Flywear is working to fight the greedy bastards trying to create a giant hole in the ground at the expense of the environment with donations of $5 for every shirt sold going directly to the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska and you get some free stickers as well. Not a bad deal at all.

Here’s a couple more of my favorite shirts but these aren’t all. You’ll need to check out Strip’n Flywear for more t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.






Here’s some links for you to check out:

Strip’n Flywear on facebook –
Strip’n Flywear on instagram –

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