This is AMAZING. My friend sent me this video and the uses could translate into fishing so well. Cameras and cell phones no longer having to be in special housings or dry bags. I’d coat my clothes and leave my waders at home. I’d coat my gear and never worry about it having to dry out. Okay I wouldn’t forgo waders. I love looking ridiculous in my waders.
If durability was improved to a permanent/semi permanent state I would bathe my Android in this and never worry about dropping it while taking a brag pic of a fish. My only worry and I could be wrong is that a cell phones wear and tear would compromise the coating. That’s not a risk I’d take with an expensive extension of my hand. I bet we’ll have that option someday and I’ll be in line to get my phone coated, my camera coated, hell I’d get me coated. FOR SCIENCE!

Never Wet would repel this cat.

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