A new fly I’m working on. This is Iteration #1. Pretty happy with it. It’s 8.5″ long which is small for a musky fly. I wanted something like a DeLong Kilr Eel. It’s gonna take some work, but I think with the new head it’ll have some action close to it. As soon as I get the Big Game jaws for my Regal, I’m going to up the hook to a 4 or 5/0. This version weighs absolutely nothing and could easily be cast on a 7wgt. The thread at each joint and each area where the bucktail is tied in at is coated with a small amount of Clear Cure Goo Hydro and then Clear Cure Goo Flex. The hackle and bucktail are from Primo Tail, the brainchild of Brad from Musky Country Outfitters. I received a sample of it from a friend and I gotta say, it’s some good shit. The eyes are Clear Cure Eyes 6mm Raptor. The head is the new hot shit for 2013. Misfit Holo-heads. I’ll have more in soon. I received 6 dozen last Friday, tied at a show Saturday, and sold out of them. I’ll update the store as soon as I get them in stock.



2 thoughts on “Needs moar articulation!

  1. That’s a neat looking fly. I’ve been trying to tie flies with more action. I like that the articulation helps accomplish this. What also is a plus is how it makes the fly larger. More of a meal.

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