I’ve been searching for a few years for something a bit longer than craft fur. For small patterns, craft fur is awesome. It’s seriously unbeatable and I try to use it on everything. It’s pile is too short for big patterns. That’s my beef with it. The darker colors are even shorter as they shrink in the dying process. This will throw your patterns off if you rely on one size in one color and it’s too short in another. I’m too anal retentive for that shit.


Search, search, search. I find a Polish company called Polish Quills. They have a product called Magic Carpet. I looked on their site and found a US dealer in Ohio. I emailed Kevin from Performance Flies and he didn’t carry it at the moment, but he could get it. Score.

I got some in and instantly fell in love. It’s exactly the length I wanted. It’s longer than craft fur and it doesn’t have a lot of waste material near the base. It’s not way longer than craft fur, but it’s long enough to be a big difference to me.


I haven’t had much free time to tie lately, but I’ve got some other materials Kevin sent me that are just as awesome. Stay tuned cause spring is coming and so are the smallies.

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