I’ve been using a painters pole for the Go Pro and it works great. I wanted something that would allow me some more actions with the camera and at the same time give a stable platform to film from. A quick trip to Menards for some 1″ pvc pipe, a 1/4″ bolt, 1/4″ nuts, some washers, and an old tripod top turned into this.

Here’s all the stuff I bought:
pvc saw
pvc primer/glue
2 5′ 1″ pvc pipes
3 3 way pieces
2 90 degree pieces
2 45 degree pieces
3 couplers
4 end pieces
2 moisture traps
1/4″ -20 bolts in two different lengths
1/4″ -20 nuts
1/4″ flat washers
1 old tripod top (I didn’t buy this)

I bought extra pieces because I play around when building this stuff in my head and change it as I mock it up. The total was about $45 for all of this, with the saw and glue contributing to about $24 of the total I believe.

I did a dry fit and then glued it together. I did cut the 5′ piece down about 2′ in the interest of balance. For the mount piece, I drilled a 1/4″ hole through the end cap and used a 1/4″ bolt to attach it to an old tripod top piece. My test run was on a skateboard and it was sweet. A little more weight than is comfortable for skating, but it’s not made for that.
If I build another, it’ll be something that can snap apart for travel.

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