Music Mondays: Urban Assault Fly Fishing guest post

Dave from Urban Assault Fly Fishing is in the hot seat today with 3 songs. Punk rock. Pure and simple. You should check out what Dave has going on over at Urban Assault Fly Fishing
. At some point this summer we’re fishing together. It’ll be pretty epic.

BoySetsFire- After the Eulogy
This band was a life changer for me. Made me realize the world was bigger than my small town and my little hardcore crew. Made me a lot more socially and globally aware. Still one of my favorite bands ever.


Propagandhi- Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
This band is amazing and everyone knows it.


Born to Lose-
Some good Texas beer soaked punk rock n roll. Makes me want to raise a Lone Star and sing “Whoa- ooo.” There’s nothing like a good sing a long!







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