Music Mondays: Still Psycho

Almost forgot to do this. Work has me busy as I can be without cloning myself.

Let’s start the morning off with some Suicidal Tendencies. All I wanted was a fucking pepsi. Just one pepsi.

FEAR. I Love Living In The City. Lee Ving is 65 years old and still more badass than most of us will ever be. Best vocals in punk rock, period.

That’s about it for today. Time to get back to work. Looking forward to this weekend. Getting tattooed and going pike fishing. Oh and beer too somewhere in there.

Oh and wanna see something awesome I found on my trips to other sites? Check out After going thru boxes of photos from my grandfather after he passed away, this is super cool. I love old photos and the fly fishing just makes it that much cooler.






Music Mondays