Jeremy is back with a few of his favorite cover songs. Check them out and give them a listen. Check out Jeremy’s photography over at his site

Game Face – Time after Time.
I liked this song when I was in that awkward punk rock / hardcore discovery phase of my life. I hung out with kids who skated and I toted along with my BMX. I remember it was a pretty good summer. I worked for a window company and rode BMX at night. This was about 1996. This version made me respect the original version by Cindy Lauper more so now that im older and also helped me discover the version of this song by Miles Davis, which has been chosen to be my eulogy song. Enjoy Game Face


Between the Buried and Me – Us and Them.
This cover is one of the best I have ever heard. most everything is spot on. I was never a Pink Floyd fan in any respect however the people who know their music I have played this song for have been fairly blown away. Ive been told the chorus is hard to nail and this band has done it. If you have listened to their other material you’ll know that this is not the style they are known for which proves this band has for sure shown their musical talents.


Amon Amarth – Aerials.
What can I say about true Viking metal other than this band is completely awesome! When I heard this cover it made me smile like a little kid, that’s when I know something is awtounding in my mind. This song was originally by System of a Down. Completely over played by Mtv which like the other two I obviously wasn’t a fan but to each their own. Amon Amarth took a mediocre song and made it 97.45% better. truly dope!




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