Is it Monday already? Mondays are a dirty word unless you’re after Music Mondays. I think we need some NYHC to make the day better. Maybe some Madball? Yeah, I think so..

Let’s take it back to 1996 with Pride from Madball. Classic. I can listen to this album a few times a week (and have for 17 years now.. I feel old now)

Some newer Madball with Infiltrate the System. Had no idea mtv played them. I’m amused as shit at the crux shirt and 99% of those viewers would have no clue what it means. Infiltrate..

Here’s some grown up Madball. It’s weird to think, this is us. We’re those guys now.

DMS all day.

1 thought on “Music Mondays: Pride (Times are changing)

  1. Good to know I’m not the only one that knows what that shirt means…. Funny how now most of us have gotten old and quit beating the shit outta each other… Stupid boneheads haha

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