When Dave first asked me to guest-post for Music Monday I thought, “oh crap…I don’t know anything about punk rock…” Luckily, Dave told me to just write about music I like.

The three songs I am listing all remind me of fishing with my dad when I was younger. I grew up going to northern New Mexico (Red River to be exact) at least once a summer with my family. Some of my greatest memories are of sitting on the front porch of the cabin and listening to music with my pop. In fact, he and I still listen to these songs every year. It’s almost a tradition at this point.

Harry Chapin – WOLD
Nothing is more punk rock than Harry Chapin. And nothing is more punk rock than begging your ex-wife to come back to you based upon you getting a job as a morning DJ.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1TUgWGuKM8&feature=related]

James Taylor – Carolina In My Mind
This is probably my favorite James Taylor song ever. It is particularly poignant since my wife and I are trekking to North Carolina tomorrow!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78O6–THTF0&feature=related]

Jim Croce – New York’s Not My Home
Growing up my dad had a tape with Harry Chapin on one side and Jim Croce on the other. I used to steal that tape from my dad and listen to it in my room (I was such a rebel…). Jim Croce is one of those artist’s that died way too young, and is probably really under-appreciated as an influence on modern music.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USVvxcaa4OA]

I hope that you all liked the change of pace! Thanks Dave for the chance to talk a little about what music I love! I suppose the music is a direct reflection of growing up in West Texas. I only fished when I was in Red River, so the music was one of my only ways to ease my angst!

Justin is a doctoral student in Bloomington. You can interact with him at @justinkeene and @Stream2Stream. If you want to know what he is actually listening to, you can follow him on Spotify!

Huge thanks to Justin. I love these three songs. Croce is one of my favorite artists and you’re spot on when you say he’s under-appreciated.

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